Writing books and teaching materials

My main focus to date has been on writing English books for Year 10 upwards, both course books and ones with supplementary materials. At the same time, it's been an opportunity for me to write about topics close to my heart. But I've also created a few materials for primary schools and students in the first years of secondary school.


Writing books is one thing, teaching with the materials is quite another. So I taught at the Karlsgymnasium in Munich for a couple of years to experience the everyday reality inside a classroom.

New and coming publications

Teaching Grammar Essentials is for you, the teacher, to help students in year 10 to prepare for English in the sixth form. It covers the "top ten" grammar points that students find difficult at this level. It contains ideas for helping students to "notice" structures and and revise rules as well as creative ideas - including short films, a Twitter short story, unusual adverts - to help them transfer what they have learned. It also includes ideas for spoken and written practice.

So which books?

I've worked on course books for Ernst Klett Verlag, including Green Line Oberstufe (2009 & 2015), Green Line Transition (2014) as well as Abi Workshop Englisch: The United Kingdom (2009).


I'm also the author of Words in Context (2004 & the revised edition of 2014), Teaching Words in Context (2015), Idiomatic English in Context (2008), Abi Workshop Englisch: Sicher im Wortschatz (2011), Business Words in Context (2013) and Improve your Vocabulary (2013).


Read an excerpt!
Words in Context (pdf file)
Business Words in Context (pdf file)
Improve your Vocabulary (pdf file)


I was also the educational consultant for Child Labour – A textbook for university students (2004) for the International Labour Office, Geneva.

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