Speaking & teacher training

Speaking and teacher training

"Authentic English in context"

Students in Year 10 upwards have a good, basic command of English but they now have to concentrate on extending their thematic and general vocabulary on their own. This talk looks at how to get the pupils to “notice” new words/chunks in authentic texts, audio and video – understand the importance of context – independently decide which words are worth learning – revisit and recycle words/chunks so that they become part of their active vocabulary.

  • Talk at the GMF Fremdsprachentagung, Augsburg, 2010
  • Teacher training events organised by Ernst Klett Sprachen, Frankfurt, Braunschweig, Großburgwedel ...

"Mediation – it’s all about communication"

Mediation is an important skill that students need to master for their Abitur. This talk focuses on helping students to develop strategies and identify the particular grammatical and linguistic challenges posed by mediation from the German into the English, including: identifying key words – noticing and dealing with linguistic and grammatical problem areas – avoiding interference from the German – recognising and dealing with intercultural differences – choosing the correct register – paraphrasing.

  • Talk at the GMF Fremdsprachentagung, Nürnberg, 2013
  • Teacher training events organised by Ernst Klett Verlag, Oldenburg, Braunschweig, Lüneburg ...

"Actively using grammar"

There are certain key grammatical points that pupils in Year 10 upwards still find difficult - often due to interference from the German. These include whether to use the simple or the progressive, the past or the present perfect, the correct sequence of tenses, if-clauses, word order, relative clauses and the articles. This talk explores how to help pupils identify their individual weaknesses and provides suggestions for how to hone in on these points and practise them in a more creative way.

  • Talk at the E&M Englisch & Mehrsprachigkeit Kongress,
    Nürnberg, 2012
  • Teacher training events organised by Ernst Klett Verlag, Mannheim, Munich, Wildeshausen, Großburgwedel ...
  • Workshop for the Pädaogisches Institut, Munich, 2015

"Differentiation – making a difference"

Diversity is increasingly the norm in the classroom today. When students start learning English at secondary school, teachers are not only faced with varying levels of knowledge, but also different needs, ability and experiences. The talk examines how we can respond to the needs of all the learners and enable them to reach a common destination.

  • Talk at the 8. Hamburger Fremdsprachentage, Hamburg, 2015
  • Talk at the GMF, Nürnberg, 2014
  • Teacher training events organised by Ernst Klett Verlag, Göttingen, Osnabrück ...

"Media motivates - Using the Internet, apps & co. in English lessons" 

Today we have a wealth of exciting new possibilities to make learning English more interesting, authentic and rewarding, both for pupils and teachers. Yet it is often difficult to find suitable resources due to the overwhelming number of websites, youtube videos and apps available. This talk, including practical tips and examples, will focus on how digital media and tools can be used alongside traditional ones to enhance the learning experience, no matter how "tech-savvy" you are.

  • Talk at the GMF Fremdsprachentagung, Augsburg, 2015
  • Talk at the MELTA Image Conference, Munich, 2015
  • Regionale Lehrerfortbildung für Englischlehrkräfte, Coburg, 2015
  • Teacher training events organised by Ernst Klett Sprachen, Munich, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart ...

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