What I do

Here are some of the areas that I've worked in – please have a look around! I'd also love to hear from you if you're using any of the materials or have heard any of the talks. It's always good to get feedback!

Writing books, creating teaching materials and teaching

My main focus to date has been on writing English books for Year 10 upwards, both course books and ones with supplementary materials. At the same time, it's been an opportunity for me to write about topics close to my heart. But I've also created a few materials for primary schools and students in the first years of secondary school.

Vocabulary is at the heart of what I do as I believe this to be at the core of successful language learning.

Speaking and teacher training

I often speak at modern language conferences around Germany and do workshops and give talks at schools, also on behalf of the Pädagogisches Institut, Munich. You'll find a selection of the talks I've given below.

All of the talks and workshops are done in English and I make a point of ensuring that they include practical tips and a variety of materials. In addition they show how different media – short films, podcasts, visuals, the Internet – can be integrated to actively support the learning process and increase motivation.

Speaking – media for children

What are the necessary ingredients when creating inspiring, engaging and appropriate products for children and teens? What does a successful product look like? How have publishers and organisations in the UK and the USA dealt with these issues? 

These are just some of the topics that I've dealt with in my talks and seminars, based on years of working in this very diverse field.

Consulting – media for children

Books, CD-ROMs, websites, apps for children − I run projects from the germ of an idea to their successful launch and beyond. As well as consulting with companies on individual projects, I've also done interviews and written articles for various German publications.