Consulting – media

Consulting – media for children

Books, CD-ROMs, websites, apps for children − I run projects from the germ of an idea to their successful launch and beyond. As well as consulting with companies on individual projects, I've also done interviews and written articles for various German publications.

Selected projects

Akademie der deutschen Medien, Munich: various seminars for German publishers, including "Internationale Kinder- und Jugend-Apps − Entwicklung, Vermarktung und aktuelle Trends", "Produktentwicklung von E-Medien", "Books and More - digitale Zweitverwertung in der Praxis"

Disney Interactive, Paris/Munich: consulting for the Dschungelbuch CD-ROMs for the German market. 

Beethoven-Haus, Bonn: consulting and concept for the Hallo Beethoven website

Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG, Mannheim: concept for the CD-ROM to accompany the Grundschulwörterbuch Englisch

Ernst Klett Verlag: consulting and interim head of the e-media department 

terzio, Munich: localization of the Fritz & Chesster CD-ROM series for the UK/US markets.



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